What Has Sanders Done?

A common theme I run across is Sanders hasn’t gotten anything done and therefore he won’t be able to accomplish anything in the future. I will make no predictions about his ability to “get stuff done” in the future, however let’s take a look at what Senator Sanders has accomplished in the past.

Note: a majority of Sanders legislative success has been his ability to attach amendments to bills that have eventually became law so keep that in mind if anyone suggests he’s only passed 3 laws- that part is true however anyone knowledgeable about Washington understands amendments are commonplace.

Some articles talking about what Sanders has accomplished during his 8 years as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont and 25 years in Congress (16 in the House and 9 so far in the Senate). I’d like to add this is by no means a “comprehensive list” please visit pplswar’s blog for additional info (linked below).

Congress’s only socialist becomes a bipartisan dealmaker

Bernie Gets It Done: Sanders’ Record of Pushing Through Major Reforms Will Surprise You

As Vermont official, Sanders ‘got things done’

Sanders is the amendment king of the current House of Representative. Since the Republicans took over Congress in 1995, no other lawmaker – not Tom DeLay, not Nancy Pelosi – has passed more roll-call amendments (amendments that actually went to a vote on the floor) than Bernie Sanders. He accomplishes this on the one hand by being relentlessly active, and on the other by using his status as an Independent to form left-right coalitions.

Full credit to pplswar for the list below:


102nd Congress — 1991-1992

  • Authorize grants or contracts to operate population-based, statewide cancer registries in order to collect certain data for each form of in-situ and invasive cancer except basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. Authorizes grants for planning the registries. Mandates a study on factors contributing to elevated rates of breast cancer mortality in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia. Authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services, directly or through grants and contracts, or both, to provide technical assistance to the States in the establishment and operation of statewide registries. H.R.4206 (Cancer Registries Amendment Act) enacted as S. 3312 (Cancer Registries Amendment Act).

104th Congress — 1995-1996

105th Congress — 1997-1998

106th Congress — 1999-2000

107th Congress — 2001-2002

108th Congress — 2003-2004

110th Congress — 2007-2008

111th Congress — 2009-2010

113th Congress — 2013-2014

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