Month: March 2017

“Bernie’s not a democrat”

Many a partisan democrat has made the statement, “Bernie Sanders is not a democrat.” They say this to suggest whether implicitly or explicitly that because he is “not a democrat” he cannot possibly comment or criticize elected democrats (besides the fact he’s caucused with them for the past 25 years).

Why the hate for the longest-serving independent in senate history? Partisan democrats know Bernie is fighting for many of the same policies they know and love, but he’s “not a democrat” and this just pisses them off to no other. Anyone familiar with Vermont election law also knows you don’t register for the party, you simply select what party you’d like to vote for in the primary so to criticize him is ridiculous on its face.

Democratic party affiliation is also at a recent historic low according to gallup polling. With that in mind democratic partisans should be doing all they can to woo the future of the party, millennials who love Sanders and who overwhelmingly supported him in the primary, and independents who make up the majority of the voting population.

Not only is Sanders the most favorable politician in the country his policies are also supported by a majority or supermajority of Americans. If the Democrats were smart they’d be begging the alleged “democratic socialist” who they’ve now made party outreach chair the face & leader of the party. Instead the DNC has so far taken every action to stomp this newfound enthusiasm as witnessed by electing chair Tom Perez who smeared Sanders in the primary. A recent poll found Trump & Pence to be viewed more favorably than the democratic party, you would think in light of this information and after losing 1000 seats under Barack Obama & the easiest election ever to Trump the party’s donors would start paying attention. Democrats would rather be a permanent minority coastal party than win with progressives (prove me wrong).